Nominations committee

The nominations committee is to consist of five members, of which one member is the Chairman of the board. The Chairman of the board shall contact the four largest shareholders in terms of voting power as of the last day of trading in September of the year prior the Annual General Meeting. If one of these shareholders does not wish to appoint a member to the nominations committee, the shareholder next in line in terms of size, who has not be asked to appoint a member to the nominations committee, shall be asked to do so.

The representatives

Mia Arnhult (Rutger Arnhult by company)

Christina Tillman (Corem Property Group AB)

Lars Höckenström (Gårdarike)

Johannes Wingborg (Länsförsäkringar fondförvaltning)

Pia Gideon (Klövern’s Chairman of the Board)

The names of the members who are to be a part of the Nominations committee, and the shareholders they represent, is to be published at the latest six months before the next Annual General Meeting.

The representatives can be contacted by e-mail:

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