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Klövern AB (publ) (“Klövern”), through its indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary Dagon Sverige AB (the “Offeror”), announced on 4 October 2018 a public cash offer to the shareholders of A Group of Retail Assets Sweden AB (publ) (“Agora”) to transfer all ordinary Class A and Class B shares and preference shares in Agora to the Offeror (the “Offer”). The last day to accept the Offer was on 9 November 2018.

Klövern AB (publ) announced on 16 October 2018 that SEK 500 million of additional hybrid bonds have been issued under the framework amount of SEK 1,500 million of the company's hybrid bond loan with ISIN-nr SE0011337898. Previously, Klövern has issued hybrid bonds of SEK 800 million under the framework of the hybrid bond loan. In total, Klövern has thereby issued hybrid bonds of SEK 1,300 million.

A nomination committee for the 2019 Annual General Meeting has been exposed. The nominations committee consist of five members, of which one member is the Chairman of the board.

Once again Klövern is reporting strong earnings. All geographic markets are strong. The extensive streamlining of the Swedish portfolio has now been completed, opening up potential for new transactions. At the same time, an international expansion has been initiated through acquisitions inCopenhagen and New York.

Klövern gives you

Local presence

With our own staff at our units, we can provide tenants with fast service and have good knowledge of the market. Only by having close contact can we anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

Own management

Klövern is a real estate company offering customers attractive premises in growth regions with closeness and commitment. Management takes place in-house and with local commitment.

A broad range of premises

With our geographical distribution, we can offer premises at a number of locations in Sweden and in Copenhagen. We have a broad range of properties in the form of office, warehouse and industrial premises.

Sustainable concept

For Klövern, sustainable development means taking responsibility for the long-term economic, environmental and social results of how we put into practice our business concept and our values in operations.