Interim report January-June

Continued good earnings development

Klövern’s development of earnings continued to be strong during the second quarter. During the first six months of 2016 profit from property management increased by 20 per cent.

In four separate transactions Klövern has divested the properties Hotellet 18 in Nyköping, Drotten 2 in Köping, Tvätten 3 and Sälgen 6 in Karlstad and the site leasehold to Kortedala 36:23 in Gothenburg.

Klövern AB (publ) announced on 26 May the issuance of an unsecured bond loan of SEK 750 million with a duration of four years on the Swedish market.

Klövern AB (publ) issues an unsecured bond loan with a duration of four years. The bond loan has a variable interest of three-month STIBOR + 415 basis points with final maturity in June 2020. The bond loan has a framework amount of SEK 1,500 million.

Klövern’s earnings development was very strong during the first quarter of 2016 with profit from property management increasing by 29 per cent to SEK 293 million.

Klövern gives you

Local presence

With our own staff at our units, we can provide tenants with fast service and have good knowledge of the market. Only by having close contact can we anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

Own management

Klövern is a real estate company offering customers efficient premises in selected growth regions with closeness and commitment. Management takes place in-house and with local commitment.

A broad range of premises

With our geographical distribution, we can offer premises at a number of locations in Sweden. We have a broad range of properties in the form of office, warehouse and industrial premises.

Sustainable concept

For Klövern, sustainable development means taking responsibility for the long-term economic, environmental and social results of how we put into practice our business concept and our values in operations.